Commercial Roofing Contractor Staten Island, NY

Commercial Roofing Contractor Staten Island, NY

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The roof of your home or place of business is significant. Not only does it protect you from the elements of nature, but it ensures the safety of everyone on your property. What happens if something has gone wrong with your roof? How will you know if anything needs to be fixed or replaced? What are the signs to look for?

At NYC Commercial Roofing Pros, we provide expert commercial roofing services throughout the Staten Island area. We offer free inspections and estimates for your potential projects, as well as highly trained professionals who will take care of any work that needs to be done with your roof. Our crew is fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

As a locally owned and operated business, NYC Commercial Roofing Pros takes pride in serving you. We are available 24/7 to take your call, inspect your roof at any time, and deliver results that exceed your expectations. You can even contact us online for your free estimate!

Types Of Roofs And What They’re Used For

Roofs generally fall into one of three categories: flat, low-slope (also known as a low pitch roof), and steep/high-pitch (also known as high-pitch roofs). Each type is meant to provide a different purpose.


Steep/high-pitch roofs

It is often used on industrial buildings because they’re best for insulation. The steep pitch creates an uninterrupted surface that keeps out moisture and blocks sunlight, which can lower your energy bills in the long run. This type of roofing is also easy to install with minimal equipment needed.

At NYC Commercial Roofing Pros, we work on high-pitch roofs regularly. We often use hot asphalt to repair them because it can withstand the high temperatures inside your roof, which is ideal if you have compressors or machinery near the roof’s surface. Some repairs might require us to remove the existing roofing materials, clean up the area, and install a new layer of asphalt or tar. It allows you to upgrade your roof while extending its life simultaneously.


Low-pitch roofs

These roofs are often found in commercial buildings like shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, schools, and small businesses. They help control energy costs by allowing some light through. When installing insulation, you need to leave enough room for air to circulate underneath the roof. A ventilation system can also help keep your roof temperature low and even distribute any hot air that might rise into the ceiling.

This type of roofing requires more durable materials than steep roofs because they’re exposed to more extreme weather conditions. Low-pitch roofs might also need special ventilation, which is why you should hire professionals for installation and repairs.


Flat roofs

This type of roofing serves as an alternative to steep/high slopes because it helps keep costs low. It’s effective at blocking out moisture and other elements while allowing for easier installation, but it is also at a greater risk for damage. Your roof might last longer if you have a specially designed membrane installed, underlayment, and gravel to protect the surface from liquids and debris. Our roofers in Staten Island, NY, can help you diagnose any issues with your flat roofing system and let you know whether replacement is necessary.


Metal roofs

These are both low-slope and steep/high-pitch roofs that don’t require additional insulation or protection from the elements because they’re made of metal. They are highly durable and can last 50+ years, but they’re also expensive, which is why they’re only recommended for specific commercial buildings. Our team of roofers can assess your property and installation requirements to determine if metal roofs are suitable for you.

Even if your roof is flat, low-slope, or steep/high pitch, NYC Commercial Roofing Pros will take care of your repair needs with speed and professionalism so you can continue focusing on daily business operations. We work with all major roofing manufacturers, so you are sure to have access to high-quality materials at affordable prices.


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