Commercial Roofing Contractor Brooklyn, NY

Commercial Roofing Contractor Brooklyn, NY

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We are a professional commercial roofing company providing industrial, residential, and general roofing services to the Brooklyn area. We have been in business since the 2000s providing the highest quality roofing services while maintaining a direct relationship with our customers. It allows us to provide personal attention and exceptional service for every customer at the best price. We pride our craft, dependability, and custom designs embracing various architectural styles.

Our Brooklyn roofing contractors are licensed, bonded, and insured. We only use high-quality materials and use state-of-the-art equipment during all installations. Additionally, we offer a free inspection and estimate for your potential project. We come highly recommended by former clients, and we provide the best warranty in the industry.

We are open seven days a week and provide 24-hour emergency service. Additionally, we offer free roof inspections if you consider having your roof repaired or replaced soon. Call us today and read more through our website if you need more information.

Tips On How To Prevent Commercial Roofing Problems

If you own a commercial establishment, then you must hire a professional commercial roofing contractor in Brooklyn, NY, who will inspect and repair your roof as necessary before such damages become severe. You can also learn more about preventing common types of roofing damages such as:


Leaking roofs

Leaks can cause damage to the ceiling and inside walls of your commercial establishment. Over time, this may lead to rotting of the beams, supports, and other parts, posing a safety hazard.


Blistering or bubbling paint

Roofs often get subjected to harsh weather conditions like strong winds, direct sunshine, and freezing temperatures. It causes the paint to blister or bubble up, looking ugly outside your commercial establishment. It would be best to ask for roof repairs as soon as you see these signs since it could be a sign of defective paint coating that is not waterproofing the structure.


Rusted out gutters

Over time, the water drainage system of your roof can get damaged due to rust, especially if it is low-quality zinc or aluminum.


Dripping chimneys

Suppose the flashing around your chimney is not working correctly. In that case, the chimney could start dripping, which will cause further damage inside your commercial establishment by corroding the beams and other structural parts.

In the event of heavy rainfall or snowfall, you should immediately remove any standing water from your roof to avoid damages from occurring. You can hire a professional roofer to help you clean your gutters if necessary. If you see any signs of damage, do not hesitate to contact us for advice on addressing the damages as quickly as possible.

You can also follow these tips to prevent roofing damage from occurring:


Inspect your roof frequently

It is a good idea to check on your rooftop at least once a month, so you know whether any damages need repair or replacement. It would be best if you also looked at the gutters and downspouts, overseeing any signs of rusting or abrasions.


Repair your roof as quickly as possible

It would help if you never waited until you saw significant damages such as peeling paint, overflowing gutters, and rusted-out gutter joints before you hire a professional commercial roofer in Brooklyn to fix the problem. Depending on the actual condition of your roof, you may need to replace the rusting or damaged parts with new galvanized steel materials.


Thoroughly clean the gutters and downspouts

If there is any standing water in your gutters, then you can prevent further damages by getting rid of it before it has a chance to cause any rusting or corroding. You can use a telescopic gutter cleaner to remove any leaves, debris, and dead animals from your gutters.


Inspect roof flashings

A roofing contractor will know where the flashings are located and how they work. If you notice leaks in odd areas such as around vent pipes or skylights, then you may need to get your roof inspected by an expert to determine the cause.


Ensure that ventilation is working properly

Your commercial establishment may need additional ventilation so air can circulate throughout the entire space. If you notice any signs of insufficient airflow inside, then you should immediately inspect your rooftop since it could be due to ineffective ventilation.

You can always contact us for advice on addressing any existing or potential roofing damage you have at your commercial establishment. We offer 24/7 emergency service to get in touch with us whenever you need our help.


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